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TTRPG Projects

Official IWriteAdventures branded PDF template 100%
DMsGuild Product: 'Distortion' - Tier 1 Eberron adventure module for Fantasy Grounds VTT + PDF adaptation 100%

Adventure Templates

TTRPG Adventure Template - Help Wanted 100%
TTRPG Adventure Template - Made in Magma 100%

Free 5e Encounters

The Slushfort 100%
The Tomb of Countess Beitelstein 100%
The Tomb of Countess Beitelstein PDF 100%

Novel Project
Black Star: Ascension

First Draft: Black Star Ascension 100%
Second Draft: Black Star Ascension - Indefinite Hiatus
Black Star short story - Ira of the Garden 100%

I’ve never invested so much time or effort into any single project. Patience, diligence, and resilience have been essential during this undertaking.
This project is on indefinite hiatus as of March 2021.