'Made in Magma' Adventure Template

The Master of Magma is missing! Are you ready for the hottest competition in your fantasy world? The winner of Made in Magma will inherit control of the Magma Forge. Choose an apprentice to support in this cut throat blacksmithing competition. Enjoy high fantasy monster hunting, a wacky reality TV style competition, and a side of murder mystery. 

Want more? It comes with a big, beautiful 48×27 battlemap of the adventure location. 

What is an Adventure Template?

Do you ever start with a pre-written adventure and strip out 70% of the content, keeping only the skeleton and replacing the rest with your own ideas? I designed my adventure templates with this exact behavior in mind.

I leave everything open while providing the foundation you need to build as little or as much as you like. These templates include map(s), location information, characters, hooks, and fun ideas to work with. I provide several prompts to help you mold the adventure into your own unique style and slip it effortlessly into your own world. 

I’ve combined research, input from the community, and my anecdotal experience to bring you a better version of pre-written TTRPG content. What’s the point of buying pre-made content if we have to do a bunch of work to fit it into our own games? That defeats the purpose.

As with all encounters, this might last your party a couple hours, or it could last a couple sessions. I sincerely hope that you and the players enjoy it.