Writing Full Time

Do you procrastinate? I do. I’ve put off writing this post about writing full time. This is where I’m supposed to tell you my big plan, and then tell you how terrified I am that things won’t work out. The odds are against me after all. 

What is the plan? From September 2020 until September 2021 I am a full-time Monday-Friday writer. My primary job is to write, edit, and submit genre fiction. My secondary job is to write the content for this website. So far I’d say it’s going pretty well, I even finished the first draft of my first novel. I’m also 50% finished creating a free adventure module for the site. Check out the project status page for updates.

In the first 11 work days I have:
          1. Written 9,513 words of fiction
          2. Set up the site
          3. Written, edited, and posted 8,850 words of site content
          4. Watched the full series of Brandon Sanderson’s 2020 Creative Writing Lectures at BYU. I enjoyed this year’s series even better than the 2016 series which I had already loved. I watched the ones about plot and character twice and took detailed notes. I did my best to actively apply what I had learned while I was finishing my first draft.

The average of 1,669 words per day meets my minimum requirement of 1,200 words per work day in productivity. I’m just excited to finish launching the site so I can start revising the first draft of Black Star: Ascension (working title).

“Well it sounds like things are going pretty good Jade, what was that you said about terror?”

Thanks for asking dear reader. I’ve only been writing seriously for a year. I’m just working on my first book. People don’t often get published on with their first books, they get published on 4th or 6th or 25th books.

I must overcome impossible odds to secure my full time writing career by September 2021 or risk going back to part time and being swallowed up by the exhausting grind of working life unable to dedicate the same level of time, energy, and passion to each project.

Don’t worry, my primary goal is not to be published. My objective is to refine my craft to the point that I’m writing things that people really want to read. My secondary objective is to cultivate a following of people who want to read what I write so that I have the option to self publish and still pay my bills. 

I know a lot of self published authors end up churning out a book every three months just to try and scrape in enough income to make a living and maintain writing as a career instead of a hobby.

I know the odds are ugly. I also know that most people aren’t going to take on those odds. I’m willing to take on a difficult challenge. I appreciate an opportunity to fail. Failure is the path to mastery.

Failure in the novel department is a problem this site was designed to mitigate. I’m giving away the encounters and adventure modules like the upcoming Tech and Terror Volume One for free. I’m posting great dungeon master content like Robbing the Player of Satisfaction and Being a Dungeon Master: 14 Hard Learned Lessons. I’m sharing useful techniques and resources as I learn and become a better writer.

I enjoy it doing this, but I’m also doing it so that you can get to know me and the things that I write. I need to start cultivating an audience now if I want to be successful in the future. Please bookmark the site and keep an eye out for all the great free content coming over the next year, because I need your help to achieve my dreams.

Jade Breed

I’m a full time writer and dedicated dungeon master. I’m working hard to bring high quality TTRPG content.

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