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The idea of taking a few days off for the holidays is really scary. This whole thing is pretty terrifying. The site launched in September, and I have been way too busy writing Black Star: Ascension and creating TTRPG content to provide an update. You can always get a general idea of how things are going over on the project tracker, but sometimes it’s nice to know that a creator is actually doing something. When someone goes dark for a long enough period of time it’s easy to assume they’ve just disappeared. Think of all the failed early access indie games. 

I’m here. I’ve been working really hard. IWriteAdventures is still in the midst of its humble beginnings, so it’s difficult to see the progress from the outside. I’d like to hope that once I’ve got my two upcoming projects listed on DMsGuild that my efforts will be overwhelmingly evident. Until the work is up on the store, the following list of achievements will have to suffice.

Projects Completed From September 2020-December 2020


Finished off the first draft of my 90,000 word fantasy / thriller novel.

Designed and launched IWriteAdventures.com

Wrote ‘Being a Dungeon Master: 14 Hard Learned Lessons’, an evergreen site article that people tell me they enjoy. 

Wrote 4 additional articles to support the site launch. None were as successful as ‘Being a Dungeon Master: 14 Hard Learned Lessons’.

Created The Slushfort – D&D 5e combat encounter. This web format project was my first attempt at creating a beautiful, user friendly encounter page designed with the DM’s practical usage in mind. I was proud of it at the time. 


Broke down the first draft of my novel into 108 key events that influence the plot.

Created graphs showing the rising and falling tension throughout the book. Tweaked the plot to achieve a more enjoyable rollercoaster ride. 

Listed every character arc, and important relationship in the book. Expanded, refined, and enriched each of these characters and relationships.

Refined the themes of the novel.

Cut and re-wrote most of the first third of the novel. Good beta reader reception. Much happier with the re-written material.

Started on Twitter, and put a lot of effort into curation and engagement. Currently at 541 followers. Finding it difficult to grow now. 🙁

Created The Tomb of Countess Beitelstein – D&D 5e location based adventure in web format, and refined my page design based on lessons learned. This led me to revise some elements of the page layout for The Slushfort. 

Created an official PDF format version of The Tomb of Countess Beitelstein – D&D 5e location based adventure. This was my first time using Scribus to create a PDF with internal links. I was frustrated with certain aspects of Scribus, but I was happy with my final product. 

Discovered Fantasy Grounds Unity, and fell in love. It exceeds the level of dungeon master convenience I was aiming to achieve with my content. Started work on an adventure module for Fantasy Grounds. Distortion is an adventure for 1-6 characters. It begins in Sharn (Khorvaire, Eberron) at LVL 1 and ends at LVL 3 with the party set to go on a continent spanning adventure. Distortion has a wonderful twist, but I can’t tell you about it until it’s in the shop! That’s how great it is.


Continued rewrites on the first third of ‘Black Star: Ascension’. Nearly finished the rewrites. Then I’ll be moving into the editing process for the other two thirds of the book. The reason I’ve slowed down progress on the novel is because novel submission is a waiting game. Prioritizing the novel at this time doesn’t serve IWriteAdventures as well as focusing on smaller content that can be listed in a shop straight away. I’m still very passionate about the project, and after the revisions I think ‘Black Star: Ascension’ is going to be something really special. 

Worked HARD on ‘Distortion’, my Fantasy Grounds Unity adventure module. Distortion was meant to be a small, single session adventure. It ended up being a three chapter LVL 1-3 campaign introduction for the world of Eberron. It even introduces some fun new abilities for the heroes of the campaign. I’ve poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this project. I want to give my supporters incredible value, and with Fantasy Grounds modules I thought the best way to do that would be to provide detailed descriptive text, and well laid out, easy to navigate campaign content. Well that’s how it all started, but it expanded to something much more. Not only have I provided three chapters worth of intricately designed, well written descriptions and scenarios, but I’ve made full use of the Line of Site technology in fantasy grounds in the design of my maps. You’re going to be impressed when you see what I’ve done. The players are going to love it. Beyond that I’ve also created scaling combat encounters, boss loot generator, interesting NPCs, fun tables, and most importantly a set of strong hooks that can push a campaign forward well into high levels of play. I went even further, and I thought ‘How can I refine this to be just as good, if not better than the official adventures.’, which has resulted in a series of intricate and bizarre spreadsheets used to dial it all up to the next level. I can’t even mention the coolest part of Distortion right now, but you’re going to love it!

Started the IWriteAdventures facebook page. Currently at 10 likes. It’s rough.

Started the IWriteAdventures Kofi page and received my first donation. 🙂

Started the IWriteAdventures Patreon page. I don’t expect anyone to sign up until I’ve got a product on DMsGuild, but you never know. 

Accepted that even though I’m a long way off from a sustainable career at this time, I’m loving every minute of this experience. 

The Future



Distortion (Fantasy Grounds Unity module) on DMsGuild.

Working on: 

Secret 5e Class for DMsGuild (It’s a unique and in depth class. I’M HYPED!) 

Editing the remaining 66% of the first draft of Black Star: Ascension. 

Trying really hard to grow my following via the site, Twitter, Facebook, Kofi, and Patreon!



Secret 5e Class for DMsGuild (It’s a unique and in depth class. I’M HYPED!) 

Working on: 

Black Star: Ascension third draft

TBA Interactive Fiction project

TBA TTRPG project

Thanks so much for reading this update. I’m working really hard in pursuit of my dream. Please support me on Kofi or Patreon, or by sharing my content and following me on social media. 

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