'Help Wanted' - Encounter Prompt - System Agnostic

Help Wanted - System Agnostic TTRPG Encounter

Pride and excitement fill me as I present the first patron exclusive TTRPG encounter prompt. What is an IWriteAdventures TTRPG encounter prompt? I’m glad you asked.

I’ve combined research, input from the community, and my anecdotal experience to bring you a better version of pre-written TTRPG content. What’s the point of buying pre-made content if we have to do a bunch of work to fit it into our own games? That defeats the purpose. I’ve re-designed my style with your needs in mind.

Each IWriteAdventures encounter prompt will include at least 1 map, along with a beautifully formatted PDF containing the bones of an interesting encounter. The PDF will guide you through integrating this encounter into your own world. This encounter is system agnostic.

As with all encounters, this might last your party a couple hours, or it could last a couple sessions. I sincerely hope that you and the players enjoy it.