Being a Dungeon Master: 14 Hard Learned Lessons

There are subtleties to being a dungeon master. Typically you learn these lessons over time through failures that are unpleasant for you and your players. Why not skip all that pain and suffering? I’ve got 14 pain free lessons for you right here…

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Being a Dungeon Master: Robbing the Players of Satisfaction

Have you ever made a mistake as a dungeon master that robbed the player of satisfaction? I did recently, and it bothered me for a few days afterwards. I messed up so badly that…

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I Finished the First Draft of My Novel​ – Milestone & Advice

Have you ever sat daydreaming about how good it will feel when you achieve your big milestone? I recently finished the first draft of my first novel Black Star: Ascension. A warm euphoric feeling washed through my body for a few moments, but then…

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